Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Virgin on a breakdown

I have just spent 90 minutes trying to set up a new router for Bloke.
First the disk was missing. OK, I think. No problem, I know how to go to the set up web page and sort it out from there.
All is going swimmingly well - except the green internet light won't come on.
Getting a bit irate I change the settings, I add a new wireless connection, I try reboot (it always works on mine) but have no luck.
Moments before I plunge my fist through said router I say to Bloke: "Give Virgin a ring and make sure they have actually sorted it out."
The letter from Virgin says all will be ready by the 29th.
Well, it ain't.
90 wasted minutes of my life because the broadband was not on when Virgin said it would be.
I could've been drinking wine for *!*@** sake.


  1. A lesson to us all, open the bottle first, then just set up, the er.. router what's that? is it the same as the internet