Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The best thing about football......

World Cup joy.
No, not the goal (although I'll admit that's good news) but the fact we finished work early to watch the game. Woo hoo, two extra free time hours to soak up the sun (I mean watch England play) and chill out (I mean cheer at the winning goal).
Even better, this means England is still in the tournament. Could there be more short days to come? (Please say there will be more afternoon matches).
Never have I been so excited about the prospect of 12 (or is it 11?) men running around on the grass trying to kick a child's play thing into a (very big) net.
I may even have to teach myself a pro-footie chant (to show my patriotism of course).
It's a shame the match wasn't aired on Dover's Big Screen (depending on who you ask, of course)especially with something to actually celebrate. Still the council big wigs tell us future games will be on so perhaps there will be victory parties in the Market Square yet. I can even imagine how that would sound as my street is still echoing with the noise of air horns and vuvuzelas (or is that the yoof of Prestedge kicking in the bus shelter again?)

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