Saturday, 26 June 2010

A man's work is never done.....

...until a woman does it for him.
Take my garden for instance. This morning I got the mower out and Bloke says: "I'll do that for you."
I'm ready to start so suggest he takes over when he's had a cup of tea. Half the garden is done and he brings me out a coffee and says: "I'll be out to finish that in a minute."
A minute passes and there is no sign of Bloke. After quite a lot of minutes I decide to carry on. I'm just powering up the mower when I hear some sort of garbled shout.
Going to investigate what do I find?
Bloke disappearing up the road in the Simpson-mobile (apparently the shout was "I won't be long.")
Bloke returns about 30 minutes after I have finished cutting the grass, hacking back the bushes and trees that Orbit South Housing Association are kind enough to let grow wild on their side of the fence so it spreads into my garden, and sweeping up the concrete where the table and chairs are.
"I would've done that," says Bloke.
And he would have...eventually, perhaps sometime next summer but unfotunately it needed doing NOW.
So, with the "man's" jobs out the way I've now got time to get on with the housework.
Deep joy.

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