Sunday, 20 June 2010

Just the job

BOY has applied for yet another job. I have lost count of the applications he has filled out (although I could quite easily tell you the number of firms which bothered to reply).
The lack of a job impacts on my purse quite a lot. This is because obviously child benefit ended a long while ago, he has no wage and, because he is not 18, he is not entitled to any dole money.
It's not that I expect the Government to keep him but doesn't this open a huge unemployment figure loophole? When we are given statistics for unemployed youngsters those who can't claim and are not in education are not counted.
Boy is one of the "lost" masses. This means he cannot get any of these apprenticeships being boasted of by Thanet council and he does not have the experience which most firms ask for because he can't get a job to get the experience.
It also means my wage is looking after two adults as well as trying to pay ever inflating bills on an income which has remained the same for the past two years - if only my shopping bill, gas, electric and all the rest remained the same that would be fine but they haven't
It also means I am feeling some slight panic at what horrors will be unveiled by George Osborne on Tuesday. Will his swingeing cuts affect the little people? Will we really suffer a VAT hike up to 19 per cent? More importantly, will our wages be expected to stretch even further and will anything be done about the bleak prospects for teenagers such as Boy or should I start devising ways of getting people to send me food parcels?
*Footnote: On the food parcel question, would I be able to request wine as one of my five a day?


  1. Of course wine counts as one of your five aday. Boy missed a chance at the weekend he could have gone to the airshow and help count the cash heading out of Thanet

  2. Looks like you managed to get hooked up with ECR. I hope its not painful.

  3. No, not too painful. All that (healthy) wine helps!!

  4. Boy maybe one of the lost masses but then most of us are just a pay day from catastrophe, and all of us risk becoming lost.

    Still it sounds like Boy at least has people that care.

    I guess that as in other economic times that most of us will get through somehow and one constant generally is our friends and family.

    I've been lucky and for the last ten years have just drifted into my current sort of occupation which although insecure till now has seem me all right.

    Eventually I'm sure Boy will get lucky.

    I always count a pork pie as being part of my five a day, since red wine has anti-oxidants of course its ok

    Things will get better.

  5. LOL, pork pie. I love that!! Yes, Boy will get lucky eventually. Let's just hope it's before my money runs out!