Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Arghhh, what is it coming to when the TV choices are football or Midsomer Murders?
It's ok for Boy, he is out partying (not a bad feat considering he has no money) but Bloke and I are considering whether sticking hot pins in our eyes is a better option than watching John Nettles.
As for the World Cup, well does it make me a pariah to say I don't care? Load of blokes running around on the grass, kicking a ball - big deal. They want to try running around with a pen and notepad all day and then going home to clear up the bomb site (I mean house) and then cook the dinner (and not being paid a gazillion pounds a week).
Talking of a gazillion pounds, I see the Margate air show is going to cost an arm and a leg at the weekend. £5 to park, £2 each to get in and then £500 (or something like that for a burger).
Still, if it means I miss the football.....

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