Monday, 26 July 2010


What a week.
It has been both excellent and horrible in equal measure.
Last Monday I found myself interviewing Dover girl's grammar pupil Emma Castledine who was lovely. Unfortunately I felt horribly ill and spent most of our time just praying I wouldn't projectile vomit in the school's rather lovely rose garden.
Followed by a trip to one of the classrooms for another story which found me concentrating on not keeling over because the heat was so...well, hot.
Then a story I was working on turned out to have a rather interesting twist. I'll make no comment on that other than go to the website and guess which one it was for yourselves. (GRRRR, why won't this link?)
Then came Boy's camping expedition. A tent was bought at the last minute and he went off for a whale of a time while I spent the evening wondering if he was going to phone for a lift home from the wilds of Canterbury. Not the best recipe for a night's sleep.
I had a repeat performance of this last night when he went to a party.
"I'm coming home early" actually consisted of my waking up at 3am to hear him clattering about in the kitchen trying to microwave his dinner.
This feat was then topped by his efforts to carry the plate upstairs (I don't know why) leaving a rather picturesque trail of gravy on my stairs.
The last few days have also included a pirate party (Hi Mel- arghhhhhh)and a dance show starring (well, not quite starring but including) the smallest grand-daughter who did a bit of a tap dance and then began waving and shouting "Grandad" (oblivious of the audience) when she spotted Bloke.
Here's wondering if the next four days will be as busy/draining/entertaining?