Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Rolling back the years

IT'S deadline tomorrow. So, as usual, I will be proofing the pages and sending them off to press. This week will see the lowdown on what the new filming bill means for Dover district, Tributes to two much-loved residents and the news that Dover District Council hasn't ditched Bond City from the DTIZ project yet.
Usually I would then start the weekly hunt for new and exciting tales to pass to our readers.
But tomorrow lunchtime will be slightly different. I'm going to be garbed out as a lady (stop laughing) of Henry II's court at Dover Castle's Great Tower.
Re-enactors are at the castle this summer giving visitors a real taste of 12th Century life in Henry's chaotic and sometimes volatile household.
So, a brush up on my history, a change into costume (no idea what that will be like) and then off out to greet the public!
Oh dear. I'm not really renowned for my acting skills and wonder how many 12th century ladies had a slightly cockney accent (25 years in Kent but the twang is still there).
I'm feeling slightly nervous but will let you know how I got on (unless they throw me in the dungeon of course).

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