Friday, 13 August 2010

All the B's

There seems to be a bit of a theme for my holiday this week. It started off with a weekend in Bruges. Bruges is bloody brilliant. The food is ace and you can wander around the 12th century buildings for ages.
I can hardly believe some of the priceless stuff on show which you can touch without any sort of barriers.
Got a bit of a surprise in the market square when we decided to sit and have a beer. The choice was small or medium, so we have gone for medium and the waiter comes out with these two huge yard of ale style glasses. It's a good job they didn't do a large or God knows what we would have ended up with!
One chap staying at the same hotel as us had a rather novel idea for getting his money's worth. At the buffet breakfast (cheese, meats, bread and stuff) he piled his plate high, came back, wrapped it all up and popped it into his bag. He did this SIX times before finally filling up and actually eating something!
Still, the food was pretty great. We had one meal (which cost an arm and a leg) which took two hours to eat and ended up with me thinking I was going to explode. I looked like I was about to give birth to triplets which is not a good look when you have on a tight dress.
Staying with the B theme and it was off to Brighton and noodles on the pier. I love Brighton, there's just such an odd mix of people.
And, it seems, B is still a running theme as me and Bloke make our way to Broadstairs to see a few morris men shaking sticks and that guy who is always there in a dress, pigtails and his big hairy beard.

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